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As a third generation native to Phoenix, I have seen this town become a city. As a son of a daughter of the Depression era, Mom always said "use up, wear out, make do or do without". Dad was a mechanical engineer. My siblings and I were born with a good sense of Arizona culture and a savvy sense of makin' it work with engineers flair.

As a service tech in the valley for 20 years, my beginnings were, as many here, was as an honor grad from RSI Refigeration School. Working a few stints with local refrigeration companys, I ended up with a local Home Warranty Company servicing A/C, Appliances, and generally everything that has anything mechanical to do with a home (Solar, Plumbing, Pools, Spas & Electrical). With those years of experience, I settled into A/C and Appliance service.

As the years move on, I have ventured into the National Home Warranty service as a solo independent contractor. I work as a one man team, but can rely on others as needed for support. So with this, one could say "small overhead, small prices". Perhaps my experiences with the residential home industry can help you with yours. If you have questions, or just want to talk about the good ol' days in Phoenix, give me a call, I might be able to help solve your issue over the phone.

Thanks, and looking forward to helping you.

Robert Lyman

Robert Lyman Santa Fe Mechanical Truck


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